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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hey Mentor introducing an Engagement System?

We are incorporating this system to keep our members (mentors and mentees) engaged and motivated throughout the year! Through this system, we hope to:

  • Increase programs and events attendance rate

  • Increase members' engagements, satisfaction, and motivation

  • Increase survey response rate and data collection to measure program outcomes.

What if I have fewer mentees than others?

At Hey Mentor, we typically match returning mentors with more mentees than new mentors because of their experience in mentoring students. While new mentors may have fewer mentees, the engagement system serves as an incentive for new mentors to provide more support for their mentees.

What are the rewards?

Rewards will be announced soon! Stay tuned to see what you can receive.

How do I earn points?

To learn how you can earn points, you can visit this page on the Engagement System.

Tiffany Wong

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