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Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of Hey Mentor Shuun Meng Scholarship!

2021: Rose Clermont

Rose Scholarship Winner

Hi! My name is Rose Clermont and I’m from Miami, Florida. I currently attend Florida State University and I am majoring in Healthcare Management, Policy and Information. My future goals are to eventually implement effective policies for healthcare departments in third-world countries so that all individuals can have access to healthcare resources. Last, but certainly not least, some fun facts about me are that I love everything arts and craft, and for some odd reason, Thursdays are my favorite day of the week! 

2020: Jacqueline Nguyen

IMG_0055 (5).JPG

Jacqueline graduated from Renton High School and will be attending UW starting this Fall. Inspired by her mother and her hard work, Jacqueline has demonstrated her perseverance by taking on leadership roles at school and balancing schoolwork, job, and numerous extracurricular activities. She has participated in the Legislative Youth Action day every year to promote youth voices. With her strong passion for studying medicine relating to women's health, she wants to major in nursing with a specialty in gynecology.

2019: Caroline Tran


Caroline has a strong passion in serving for her community, which she has demonstrated by offering free piano lessons to her community youth, being a mentor in the support program for Women in Aviation International, and being a Phoenix Scholars tutor to a student whose first language was Amharic. Captivated by the mystery of genetics, Caroline has conducted research alongside a professional at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She is excited to discover what genetic research entails, and plans on further exploring this area as an aspiring micro- and cellular biology major.

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