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Teens in Quarantine

To provide students a series of challenges for sharing creativity and to encourage students to stay motivated during a time of social distancing. 

Click here to check out our previous challenges and winners!


$100 - First Place 

$50 - Runner Up

New winners will be selected each month

How it works

  1. Each month the challenges will be listed below under "Challenges".

  2. To enter, students will click on "Submit".

  3. Submissions must contain an image (jpeg. or png.) or video file (YouTube link).

  4. Entries are required to include a caption (up to 10 words) and a description (up to 50 words).

Note: Only one entry per month, per student. Only one picture or video per student. 

Who may enter

High school students, including incoming first-year college students. Washington state students only.


August: Design HM's Mascot! Creative Teens in Quarantine

Objective: Design a mascot for Hey Mentor! The winner's mascot design will be used for our future events, social media, campaigns, etc.

Requirements: Students can turn in a digitalized design or just the drawing (with colors).

To win, the requirements below must be met:

  • A mascot is an animal

  • The design is simple enough to be easily turned into a digital format

  • The mascot is not too colorful:

    • Use less than 4 colors​

    • Use colors that go well with Hey Mentor's brand colors (blue, white, black)


Regional Talent Show.png


  • New challenge will be announced by the 1st of each month

  • Entries will be accepted between 1st through 15th of each month (by 11:59pm)

  • Online voting will be open until the 25th of each month (by 11:59pm)

    • Voting will be available 1-2 days after the 15th of each month.​

  • Results will be announced by the 30th of each month.

Status: Closed

Terms & Conditions:

By entering in the Teens in Quarantine Sweepstakes. You agree to allow Hey Mentor to use your name and information, including media files (pictures/videos of the entry you submitted) on Hey Mentor's website, social media, and email communication. Applicants of the summer sweepstake will agree not to hold Hey Mentor responsible for any damages or injuries. Entries that contain nudity, profanity, violence, or other content deemed inappropriate by Hey Mentor staff will be disqualified. Students must be 13 years or older. 

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