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Become a College Mentor


Must currently be enrolled in or graduated from a 4-year college.

Do you want to become the mentor you wish you had? At Hey Mentor, you have a chance to impact the lives of underserved students who needs your support to get into college.

Time Commitment

8-10 hours per month for current college students: 4 hours of meetings and 4-5 hours of supporting students online.

4-5 hours per month for college graduates or graduate students.

Join the Tech Team

The team is building a mobile application in ReactNative, which will be used by mentors and mentees in Hey Mentor.


Experience in front-end, back-end, software, mobile app development, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React.js, Node.js, or UX/UI.

Time Commitment

5-6 hours per month, including a 3-4 hour hackathon every other month in Seattle.

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