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What is Hey Mentor's Engagement System?

This engagement system is where mentors collect points for their engagements in Hey Mentor throughout the academic year. Anyone who meets the requirement (see eligibility for rewards) will get a reward at the end of the year.​

Get Points

Get Points through

1) Data collection

2) Engagement

Track Points

Track points by logging into your Hey Mentor account, and checking the scoreboard


Get an awesome reward by meeting the requirements.

How to Get Points

Points are earned from two factors: data collection and engagement. 

Data Collection


Check-In Forms

Monthly  1 point per submission per mentee


A very quick, multiple-choice question survey about your mentees​ to ensure active mentoring.

Program Result Forms

Quarterly  2 points per question

Questions about your mentees' performance and results (ex. Which colleges did your mentees apply to?) for Hey Mentor's program results and data collection ​purposes. You are strongly encouraged to submit for all your mentees.



Event Attendance

Earn points for attending events, volunteering at the workshop/drop-ins, ​answering surveys, etc.


There is no form required to submit for event attendance. The Hey Mentor team will track participants per event and assign points to you accordingly.


Tracking Points

Visit the scoreboard page to track your points. Your ID number should be listed with the points you've earned. If you forget your ID number, contact one of the Hey Mentor team members for support.

Rewards and Eligibility

Top 1 mentor (Mentor of the Year Award):

  • Featured in the hall of fame page on our website

  • Leadership Plaque

  • HM T-shirt

  • Digital Certificate

Top 3 mentors (Distinguished Mentor Award):

  • Leadership Plaque

  • HM T-shirt

  • Digital Certificate


Top 50% mentors (Outstanding Mentor Award):

  • HM T-shirt

  • Digital certificate

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