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College Application Workshop

Hey Mentor is hosting our fifth annual college application workshop. Come join us to get 1-on-1 support from college mentors on your college application, admissions essays, and learn about college admissions.


  • Q&A w/ Hey Mentor's Executive Director, Kim Tran

  • One-on-One College Application Support

  • Networking with Mentors & Students

  • Raffle, Activities, and more! 

What to do before the day of the workshop?

  • Having a draft or outline of your college admissions essay is NOT required, however if you do have a draft please make sure that your draft is created on Google Docs so that mentors can collaborate with you and make suggested edits in real-time. 

  • Please ensure that you enable link sharing with anyone so that you can easily share your essay with mentors.

  • If you need to share your screen with mentors so they can support you with your application, remember to remove anything in your background that you do not want others to see. 

  • Make sure to bring your laptop, proof of vaccination, and your own lunch!

For any questions email

Registration Closed

High school seniors only.

Saturday, October 23, 2021
1pm - 4pm

University of Washington's Nanoengineering and Science Building (Room NAN181)

Proof of vaccination is required (physical copy or picture of vaccine card)

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